image: pudding

Until now, I’d never made Yorkshire Puddings. Yes, yes, I know, they’re easy. Having said that, my mother never mastered the art; hers usually came out shrunken and flabby. So I have emotional baggage.

My partner loves Yorkshire Pudding. For her, it’s a delicious exotic dish.

So I finally decided to give them a bash. I cheated by using the Good Housekeeping recipe published on the BBC, rather than my mum’s. I practised my Chemistry A’Level skills, as much as I could given I last used them forty years ago. The skills, incidentally, consist of following the instructions: I’m always amazed at how many kitchen ninjas can’t do that.

I’m very happy to say the results were spot on. I thank the BBC and Good Housekeeping magazine. I suspect the ingredients helped; they were good quality, bought over the border at Lidl in France.

My partner was delighted. I was, too: my very first Yorkshire Puddings, ever, worked a treat.