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Which country has the best weather? Ireland, of course!

The rain is persistent, warm and gentle, relative to the weather of surrounding countries. You might think it’s cold when it’s 8 degrees, but it’s not cold when you remember the rain in not–so–far–away Moscow is solid, white, and minus 30 degrees. Irish rain is kind and sweet.

The Irish wind plays with you, teasing you, pulling you in all directions, refreshing you. It is your friend in Ireland. It doesn’t ignore you, pretend you don’t exist, sticking to only blowing in the jetstream a few miles overhead, like the snobbish wind in so many other countries.

Ireland has lots of clouds to protect you from the nasty burning rays of the sun. That’s why it is a haven for redheads (I am not a redhead). The sun turns redheads’ skin red and painful. In ancient times, redheads came to Ireland for the sanctuary Irish clouds offered them, and stayed ever since. Irish clouds save lives.

You know all this is good when you see Irish plants. Just as people smile when they’re happy, plants turns green when they’re happy. Irish plants are so happy the Irish call their country the Emerald Isle.

Originally posted on quora.