image: concrete abuse of text

I’m introducing versions of arts & ego in the languages I speak. I speak most of them pretty badly because I use them insufficiently, hence the exercise.

I like to fool myself that speakers of those languages might find this polylingual content of interest. At least my awful attempts will give them some extra laughs!

I have a lot of work to do. All I’ve got write now (ho ho) is an initial translation of the front page, and good intentions. I have some blog entries and poems in second languages: I intend to relink them as appropriate. I can see how to adapt the image pages: only the navigation and some titles will need translation.

Beyond navigation and information pages, I do not intend to translate existing content. If you like, I’ll follow Luxembourg convention, by presuming visitors can read all the languages I use.

Please do browse my mangled français, lëtzebuergesch, nederlands & deutsch.

And I have русский pages too, even though I speak no Russian! A decade and a half ago, some of my poems were translated. This exercise is a good excuse to highlight them.