image: a building waves hello

I spent yesterday evening speaking fluently in three languages, which surprised me: I hadn’t realised I’d achieved fluency in the third. It’s still poor, lacking vocabulary, and, to be honest, it’s a mess, but I was fluent, which was brilliant. But I came home with good headache, so I crashed. So here’s a photo of a building waving hello.

Since I’m talking about talking, I want to communicate with people directly from this site. I realise not many people will be interested, but I still want to be able to converse with them. The social web has failed; communication is constantly filtered by the host company’s desire to steal & abuse private information and prevent honest communication (e.g. faceboot, who even censor family news by blocking all but the most recent posts, damn them). RSS is too one–sided; I only restored it here for the indieweb. I’m thinking of going back to web 1.0 technology and introducing a GDPR compliant mailing list. Conversational mailing lists still work; I’m a member of a few, mostly for poetry.

Talking about old internet technologies, I’ve come some people putting up gopher servers. That’s bizarre. Gopher’s a pre–www technology for serving hyper information. If I can work out how to view Gopher pages (the firefox plugins don’t seem to want to plug in to my firefox), I might put a test server up, just for the digital street cred.

Anyway, my head is still a little sore after last night’s surprise achievement, so I’ll not do anything new just yet.