image: concrete

  1. It’s one of Dante’s hells, the one where everyone always agrees with you.
  2. It’s a small country lying in a valley between Nepal and India, where lawyers are banned and people have to travel abroad (a 500 yard walk) to have an argument. The walk usually calms them down, mostly because it involves a 500 metre ascent.
  3. It was a region that became part of France, originally famous for its musical instruments, bagpipes. That’s why the French invaded. It turned out that most of the population suffered from a nasty disease that damaged their hearing. Michel Cognac, a French monk, found the cure, gave it to everyone, and the Accordions (spelt the French way) began making a new type of musical instrument, the one given their name.
  4. It’s an alternative medicine, which can cure almost any disease simple by the victim agreeing to pay the practitioner a large sum of money. It’s as effective as other alternative medicines, yet safer because it doesn’t require the practitioner to apply a ‘treatment’ which is in reality harmful.