from concrete

If any remainer living in England was serious about moving to retain EU rights, they’d not move to Scotland, but to Ireland. Brits have full rights in Ireland, pretty much, and, of course, Ireland has not left the EU. Once they’d lived there long enough (I believe four years), and provided they’d kept their noses clean, they should be able to apply for Irish, and so EU, nationality.

Scotland will be taken out of the EU against its will with the rest of the UK at the end of January. It would not automatically regain EU status if it left the UK: it would have to go through the whole application process, so there would be no point in a remainer moving to Scotland to retain EU citizenship. Having said that, I see two potential shortcuts for Scotland to regain EU membership:

  1. As a part of the UK, much of their existing practices will conform with EU requirements, the only differences will be changes made after the end of January. This should shortcut a lot of the application processes.
  2. alternatively, & if rumours are correct, then Scotland (and maybe Northern Ireland) might unite with Ireland to form a Swiss style confederation, and so would gain EU membership in the same way that East Germany did: by uniting with an existing member. I consider this unlikely but not impossible.

Having said all that, if I were still living in the UK, I’d happily move to Scotland. I like it, except for the midges.