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I’ve finally created a (very simple) website for SSC, at It’s intentionally retro, designed to recreate the feel of a specialist website for a command line utility, mostly because it’s a specialist website for a command line utility.

On the page, you will see most of the things you can find in various files in the SSC source code. The key addition is a small form to try SSC out without downloading and installing an executable.

The form is neither complicated nor sophisticated; it isn’t enough to let people test the full scope of SSC. It’s a snippet checker. People paste bits of HTML into the form, turn the handle, and out come the sausa … er … results.

It doesn’t show off any of the more powerful features of SSC, such as site checking, or site analysis. I may extend the site in the future to do this, if that proves worthwhile.

I’ve limited the security risks, somewhat, by hosting the chrooted site under OpenBSD.

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