from concrete

Don’t presume everyone is an identikit comic villain.

It is true, though, that there are a lot of loud cowards here in Europe, scared of foreigners, and what ‘they’ might do ‘over here’. You hear such people trying to cover up their cowardice with arguments, but mysteriously they don’t suddenly correct their opinions, let alone gain courage, when those arguments are shown false.

This is why pointing out the hypocrisy you note, indeed pointing out facts, never changes their opinions, because those opinions are not reasoned beliefs, but their cowardice covering its stink with the cheap perfume of nonsense.

Worse, the one person a coward reliably fools is themself. In consequence, when the coward’s cowardice is pointed out to them, they can get irrationally angry, not because they’ve been insulted by facts, but because their fear is directing its emotional power to anger to distract the coward from the fact of their cowardice.