image: 1995 knappogue castle

I drink whiskey as an occasional special treat.

A few years ago, I finished a very nice Macallan I’d bought twenty years earlier. I replaced it with a couple of different bottles bought from Master of Malt.

They also sell taster bottles of interesting whiskies, each containing a dram of something special. I bought some, which I put on one side in the hope they would age well.

Last night L suggested we open one. She chose something at random.

It was a 1995 Knappogue Castle, an Irish whisky entirely new to me. It was absolutely glorious, one of the best whiskies I’ve ever drunk, by far the best Irish.

It was smooth, without any rough edges, full of flower and spice (which I’d brought out with a tad of Luxembourg water), a whisky I have now most definitely added to my shopping list.