Do NOT go near NextCloud.

I’ve been experimenting with it because I do not like any existing Email/Calendar/etc. solution. They all exclude each other making it pretty well impossible to have one diary, email centre, etc., online. This appalling misdesign makes no sense from the perspective of the consumer, but perfect sense from the perspective of a corporate who do not see their customers as more than prey.

image: damage

NextCloud is a possible solution this MIcrosoft / Apple / Google arrogance. They offer a cloud service you can set up on your own systems, under your own control. Or so it seems.

Let me explain what happened, and why I strongly recommend you to avoid NextCloud.

I wanted to log in to do something. I went to my nextcloud log in page. It presented me with a screen telling me it had to upgrade. Now, to be fair to it, it also told me I should backup everything up before I upgraded. Unfortunately, this page blocked all other actions, such as making a backup.

when I pressed the only active button, to upgrade, the upgrade failed. So what did it do? It just ****ing stopped on a maintenance mode screen. Everything was broken. It did not even attempt to rollback.

This is amateur level stuff. I would expect a schoolboy to not consider rollback, but not a supposédly professional organisation. Forcing someone to upgrade, producing an upgrade that not only doesn’t work but breaks everything, and not having rollback, is less amateur level stuff, it’s high level incompetence. They failed on all three stages! It’s the worst I’ve seen for a very long time.

FFS, do NOT go near NextCloud.

I tried another CMS, Dupral, years ago, but it screwed up on upgrade, so I dropped it. I’ve now tried NextCloud, which makes the same amateur mistake now as Drupal did way back then, but more so. I’m beginning to think all these PHP–based CMS are amateur. This is worryingly consistent across quite different systems, suggesting there may be an underlying cultural flaw in the PHP community. I would love to find out i’m wrong, and these products happen to be dreadful exceptions.

Perhaps that’s why Apple / Microsoft / Google continue to produce their shoddy, mutually exclusive products: they’ve seen the other challengers, and laughed.

(To be fair to Google, I haven’t been near their products for a very long time, so my comments on their attitude may be very out of date.)

UPDATE, a year later: this issue appears to have been fixed.