This is very much my own perpective; things will be quite different for other people, and, worse, I don’t have a clue what comes after stage 5, if anything.

from flowers of esch

Stage 1 : Father Christmas

  • Lots of pressies
  • Child orientated
  • Totally dependent on parents

Stage 2 : realise your parents (and others) were fooling you

Stage 3 : God the pixie

  • Pressies change from things to life everlasting
  • Adult orientated
  • Presumes God changes the world
  • Contradicts reality
  • Presumes (almost) everyone else worships a fake pixie and you’ve found the real one

Stage 4 : realise you’ve been fooling yourself

Stage 5 : God is human experience

  • No more bribes … er … pressies
  • No fantasies, no pixies, no conflict with reality
  • Adult orientated
  • Matches the human condition
  • Understand belief changes not the world, but the way you see the world
  • No arrogant presumptions about other religions