As we are heading in the northern spring, Covid–19 is declining. Vaccines and new treatments have reduced its impact. However, Covid–19 has not gone away, and the problems it causes have not gone away either: it still kills.

image: concrete

During the Covid–19 pandemic, unsurprisingly, governments have followed medical expertise and imposed restrictions on life: working from home, limitation on gatherings, curfews, etc.. We’re all familar with them, we’ve all lived through them. These restrictions reduced the absolute freedom of each and every person.

The limitations are to protect the freedom of others. Now, I am making the presumption that it is difficult to make choices about your life when you are dead: death ends all freedom. Dying is the worst possible loss of freedom there is. Thus reducing the freedom of many people to protect the freedom of many other people, by preventing their deaths, is actually a lower overall reduction in freedom than not providing any limits and letting the disease run rampent. It’s the same reason why giving people the freedom to own guns actually reduces freedom: those killed by the guns suffer an absolute loss of freedom.

And this is why those people who protest Covid–19 restrictions, who cry freedom, are out and out liars. Their cry is for their own freedom at the expense of others: it is a cry for the freedom to kill. It is the cry of predators and psychopaths having their lust restrained, it is the cry of evil being constrained. It is a cry against freedom, a cry against the freedom of those they would otherwise kill. It is an out–and–out lie.

Now, some of the people who cry freedom do so out of naïvity; they cannot grasp that having the freedom they demand would cause an absolute loss of freedom for others. Others, though, particularly their leaders, will understand this consequence, unless they really do lead without having thought about their cause. These leaders will either not consider other peoples’ freedom to be worth their concern, or perhaps they rather want the freedom to kill.

Thus I believe those crying freedom against Covid–19 restrictions are generally a mixture of naïves, predators and psychopaths.