When I was working in Dublin, I had the misfortune to work for a couple of idiots.

Today (April 7th), a news article shows exactly how right I was and exactly what kinds of idiots they were.

I had previously worked with a company that specialised in industrial software, using something called CAN Open. I was now working for a software security company. I spotted a potential new market, securing CAN in internal car networks. I was researching the potential by examining the technical specs of cars.

from dublin

Then the managerial idiocy struck. I was told off for looking at car stuff.

Neither manager had the basic intelligent to ask what I was doing. Both managers were stunningly stupid enough to presume I was hunting for a car to buy, despite the detail I’d made it very clear that I didn’t believe in owning cars when living in a city, something beyond their tiny unused brains. It takes severe stupidity to presume, not the ask what and why, admittedly a common stupidity found often amongst the intellectually and/or egotistically retarded.

I decided immediately that I was not doing to discuss my idea with these idiots. The idea died. I prefer it dead than benefitting presumptive brain dead morons. As you can tell, their ignorant authority–abusing assumptions still rankle me.

(I did manage to get one of the guys sacked later, through poetry: well, to be precise, my poem was published across Dublin and the guy was sacked; it may have been a coincidence.)

Anyway, today, ars technica have published proof that I was on to something. Car thieves are committing CAN injection attacks. If my idea had been followed up, CAN would be a secure network and this kind of thing would be far more difficult that it is.

So, idiot bosses, not only did you arrogance deny your bosses a potential new product, you stupidity is now costing a lot of people a lot of money. You're so up your own arses you'd never understand it.

PS I held back posting to edit out the nasty bits.