I’ve introduced print ordering to support art sales. Please note:

image: paris (lxxxvi)

  • My prices are relatively expensive. I am unwilling to haggle.
  • Print sizes will be cropped to fit the image(s), so they are not (always) standard print paper sizes.
  • Small and medium prints are shipped mounted in card. Large prints are shipped unmounted in tubes, and may require flattening upon receipt.
  • Certain images are unsuitable for large print, usually because the original image is too poor quality. Others are unsuitable for printing on standard paper.
  • Prints exclude the web address seen towards the bottom right of images shown on this site.
  • An order won’t be processed until I’ve been paid. I can accept payment by paypal or electronic funds transfer. Details will be supplied if you make an order.

If you decide you do want to order, despite the points above, then:

  1. Go to the page that displays, by itself, each image you want to order;
  2. Copy each page address (it begins https://) from your browser address bar into an email;
  3. For each choice, state whether you want a small, medium (cropped A4–ish) or large (cropped A3–ish) print;
  4. Add you details to the email, including your postal address, and mail me,
  5. I’ll check whether the image(s) can be printed at the requested size, then reply with a quote, which’ll include P&P;
  6. If you decide to go ahead with the order, you send the money, then I send you the print(s).

Please read the terms & conditions, which include Postage & Packing information.