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Apologies for the lack of feedback facilities, but gutter-life abuses them.
12.2 / . have expressed interest in a review of Glazier's "Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm", published by Salt. Mmmm; reviewing uncompromising modern poetry for geeks; that'll be a challenge. Mind you, a nerd who reads (and writes) modern poetry---and reviews of coffee---must have a chance.
11.16 My experiment with modernist poetry (8.11.3) shows me I need to understand theory. I had a similar problem when I wanted to understand modernist music. I ended up deciding the only way to really understand Schoenberg's brilliant idea was to write some myself. You can hear the results on haze.

I'm thinking modernist poetry might make a wonderful form for a diary---or a blog.
11.8 I've started experimenting with poetry collages (8.11.3). This is not the same as found poetry; I write or adapt the components (I want to use good language, not something I overheard on the bus). My first effort is pretty much useless, except that it suggests the form could produce humour. I haven't heard humour in collages before. Mmmm…
11.7 My last two poems (nation six dog and Pop Song For Guy Fawkes) have been extremely simple. They both make the point they want to make, but neither have any complexity. Perhaps I'm turning into the kind of person they take they piss out of.
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