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2K0:2 …And Then I’ll Break The Seabathroom spiderA Bicycle Criticises Concorde For Not Observing ButterfliesAt Buckfast Abbeypublishedchase chaseChina Poemmay offend language bigotssetThe Clarionlord pisswater’s clarionbeer and pindardamn the clarionDamageDon’tAn Eighteenth Century Beam EngineElsewhenan engineering rushnew scientista song so direthe argumentanother bitchhomeworkpublishedhymnenrecreated artsthe gameoh godsmay offend language bigotsrushed offunansweringEpigramsOn ScienceOn IslamOn Al–QaidaOn The USAFear In Flight, GodFuguesFuguesgentlegreenharvestpublishedHence The ColdnessA Horrible DayOn Hunting With HoundsI Don’t Visit My Mother’s Gravepublishedin cynic adveratiIn Me; ShivaIntruder AlertpublishedIt’s My HandspublishedThe Joy Of TaxpublishedJust Protectionism?laterLittle WillieLondon, 2K0…a much for we…My Difficulty With MelancholypublishedNeil Armstrong Is My Explorer Of The MillenniumNew Year’s Evespublishedold man KeatssetThe Poet Illustrates…may offend language bigotsPoetrypush popselecttechnowhatCopylefti’d prefer to remember summerThe Queen Of Santa FeRegrowpublishedsetManifestoFatherSonpublishedProgramScorpionSharpA Simple Fantasysod the worldmay offend language bigotsSoftware Engineering123Sweet And StupidThere’s Money In Mechanicsthe three monksThoughts On Odes To NightingalesTobacco’s Such A Treatuncivil law (a rant in many parts)centuriesageinjusticecomplexitymoney––flamemagistratesinventionscotlanddemocracyconsentpianoparliamentcitizenboneshealthmaidblackboxfearUnderneath The LochWaterThe Anger Of WaterThree FlawedViaductThe Mere Of IceWe, The FellpublishedWhat Do Lemmings EatTop
97–99 Accelerating Is Language EnglishAm LemmingBrightpublishedChance Is Such A Scornful GodpublishedDedicationDoris’s Day OutpublishedDon’t UnderstandDriving The TreesExercises (From A Cley Weekend)RiddleMy Appreciation Of Schoenberg(Untitled)Family Photo AlbumExpanding HorizonsA Fenland Poet’s AdviceFenland Sketches1published234may offend language bigotsGreyHer Catching EyespublishedHome TownLost SanctuarypublishedMarketing Honour, Poetry Qualitymay offend language bigotsObligatory Cat PoemAn Ode To My EgoAn Ode To The A14publishedOld Funeral MusicOn Being A NerdThe Pub Quiz LeaguepublishedI Saw A Sleek SeductionOn Saying NoSlough, Pronounced In French, Is “Slug”Starr From The OutsideSwoop123may offend language bigots45TringpublishedThe Trumpet BlownpublishedA Village, Old FamiliesIntroductionCeremonyInnVanillaA Well–Kept Pint Of BurtonTop
90–96 It Must Be ChristmasLeicester StationOf CarolinepublishedTop
–80s– Angst CycleThe DoorFatherI’ve Always Had Steep MountainsWatford GapWhy Is England So Full Of Foolsset(Untitled)Letter…Bob GeldofpublishedBox NumbersetBut Its For The Children…Cavity Wall InsulationCheese And Onion SandwichespublishedChopin And The Chilli WarspublishedDarmstadtpublishedFive DayssetGuinnesspublishedHymnen[notes]Technical NoteIfTeaserMachine Solo αConverseMan SoloMachine Solo βici, pour les enfantssetpublishedIn Another ConversationIs It Coffee In The BloodLaughter Rose Above My Tired DesireLeicester SquarepublishedsetLimericks And CorksThere Was A Young Lady From VenusA Newspaper Editor Saidmay offend language bigotsI’m Sitting Upon This ’Ere Train’twas Ten Years Ago To This DayCorkManifestosetMemories Of Shadows, WordsMoon Shadowed WalksetNorth Of KyleskusetNovember RainNursery Verse For Nursery HeadsPlumstead Station By Electric LightRock (Of The Early Eight) IssetScenes From A Blackpool ConferenceDog SeapublishedAfter Eighteen MonthsAfter Silent YearsExhausted“Smoke Filled Rooms”setSunlit GloompublishedThese Words, They Were Not SaidpublishedsetThirty Hours Near The Western IslessetToo Fast To StoppublishedTouching Each Desire With Happy JokespublishedWake Up, Wake Up, Oh Slippery SnakeWhy Am I In Politics, You Ask (A Drunken Rant)Working ForsetYou KnowsetTop





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