2K3:6 bacon---be infinity---Bush War---The Cause Of War ---The Clarion-little diddems-Scared Of Spiders---coreimage: may offend language bigots---dead write---discard-1-2-3-4may offend language bigots-5-6-7-8---Dog Sound ---early winter roseimage: may offend language bigots---easter sunday---Epigrams-On San Francisco-On The West---england corruptedmay offend language bigots---fuddlemay offend language bigots---Fugues-More Fugues-Pop Fugues---garden---ghost---glist-1-2may offend language bigots-3-4---her ran---i am perfect its the universes fault---Instructions For A Common Ceremony---intelligence still booting---Namings-America-Bedford-Cambridge-Catford-Keighly-Manchester-Milton Keynes-Norfolk-Sandy---nation six dogmay offend language bigots---northumberland---oh dear what a pity there there---Poetry-pah!-early a---remembering the slitsmay offend language bigots---Reply---scratby---server room---shrinespublished---On The Sonnet---still biting---a then---To Let---uncivil law-bailiff-criminal-smirk-wrong---when the morons declared warmay offend language bigots---when the trains first came---workahol---8.11.3---Top
2K0:2 …And Then I'll Break The Sea---bathroom spider---A Bicycle Criticises Concorde For Not Observing Butterflies---At Buckfast Abbeyimage: published---chase chase---China Poemmay offend language bigotsset---The Clarion-lord pisswater's clarion-beer and pindar-damn the clarion---Damage---Don't---An Eighteenth Century Beam Engine---Elsewhen---an engineering rush-new scientist-a song so dire-the argument-another bitch-homeworkpublished-hymnen-recreated arts-the game-oh godsmay offend language bigots-rushed off-unanswering---Epigrams-On Science-On Islam-On Al-Qaida-On The USA---Fear In Flight, God---Fugues-Fugues---gentle---green---harvestpublished---Hence The Coldness---A Horrible Day---On Hunting With Hounds---I Don't Visit My Mother's Gravepublished---in cynic adverati---In Me; Shiva---Intruder Alertpublished---It's My Handspublished---The Joy Of Taxpublished---Just Protectionism?---later---Little Willie---London, 2K0---…a much for we…---My Difficulty With Melancholypublished---Neil Armstrong Is My Explorer Of The Millennium---New Year's Evespublished---old man Keatsset---The Poet Illustrates…may offend language bigots---Poetry-push pop-select-techno-what-Copyleft---i'd prefer to remember summer---The Queen Of Santa Fe---Regrowpublishedset-Manifesto-Father-Sonpublished-Program---Scorpion---Sharp---A Simple Fantasy---sod the worldmay offend language bigots---Software Engineering-1-2-3---Sweet And Stupid---There's Money In Mechanics---the three monks---Thoughts On Odes To Nightingales---Tobacco's Such A Treat---uncivil law (a rant in many parts)-centuries-age-injustice-complexity-money--flame-magistrates-invention-scotland-democracy-consent-piano-parliament-citizen-bones-health-maid-blackbox-fear---Underneath The Loch---Water-The Anger Of Water-Three Flawed-Viaduct-The Mere Of Ice---We, The Fellpublished---What Do Lemmings Eat---Top
97-99 Accelerating Is Language English---Am Lemming---Brightimage: published---Chance Is Such A Scornful Godpublished---Dedication---Doris's Day Outpublished---Don't Understand---Driving The Trees---Exercises (From A Cley Weekend)-Riddle-My Appreciation Of Schoenberg-(Untitled)-Family Photo Album---Expanding Horizons---A Fenland Poet's Advice---Fenland Sketches-1published-2-3-4may offend language bigots---Grey---Her Catching Eyespublished---Home Town---Lost Sanctuarypublished---Marketing Honour, Poetry Qualitymay offend language bigots---Obligatory Cat Poem---An Ode To My Ego---An Ode To The A14published---Old Funeral Music---On Being A Nerd---The Pub Quiz Leaguepublished---I Saw A Sleek Seduction---On Saying No---Slough, Pronounced In French, Is "Slug"---Starr From The Outside---Swoop-1-2-3may offend language bigots-4-5---Tringpublished---The Trumpet Blownpublished---A Village, Old Families-Introduction-Ceremony-Inn---Vanilla---A Well-Kept Pint Of Burton---Top
90-96 It Must Be Christmas---Leicester Station---Of Carolineimage: published---Top
-80s- Angst Cycle-The Door-Father-I've Always Had Steep Mountains-Watford Gap-Why Is England So Full Of Foolsimage: set-(Untitled)-Letter---…Bob Geldofpublished---Box Numberset---But Its For The Children…---Cavity Wall Insulation---Cheese And Onion Sandwichespublished---Chopin And The Chilli Warspublished---Darmstadtpublished---Five Daysset---Guinnesspublished---Hymnen-[notes]-Technical Note-If-Teaser-Machine Solo α-Converse-Man Solo-Machine Solo β---ici, pour les enfantssetpublished---In Another Conversation---Is It Coffee In The Blood---Laughter Rose Above My Tired Desire---Leicester Squarepublishedset---Limericks And Corks-There Was A Young Lady From Venus-A Newspaper Editor Saidmay offend language bigots-I'm Sitting Upon This 'Ere Train-'twas Ten Years Ago To This Day-Cork---Manifestoset---Memories Of Shadows, Words---Moon Shadowed Walkset---North Of Kyleskuset---November Rain---Nursery Verse For Nursery Heads---Plumstead Station By Electric Light---Rock (Of The Early Eight) Isset---Scenes From A Blackpool Conference-Dog Seapublished-After Eighteen Months-After Silent Years-Exhausted---"Smoke Filled Rooms"set---Sunlit Gloompublished---These Words, They Were Not Saidpublishedset---Thirty Hours Near The Western Islesset---Too Fast To Stoppublished---Touching Each Desire With Happy Jokespublished---Wake Up, Wake Up, Oh Slippery Snake---Why Am I In Politics, You Ask (A Drunken Rant)---Working Forset---You Knowset---Top
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