an engineering rush :: the game

in our time
almost every simulation
is not for education
but computer games

if play goes bad
players restart

since we're here
things are going right
and the stranger chances
haven't happen
because the player

or groups of players
war along the entangled net
to the winner's declaration

hawking "The Universe In A Nutshell" might say
if i could find my blasted copy
all things can happen do happen
there's a parallel place
bolivia wins all olympic gold

but when we play computer games
or read about a novel's star
i swear the characters
the ones we're meant to play or read
are archetypal elemental
how the ancient greeks
made their gods

sometimes newer games
include their earlier generation
as mythical prehistory

the players have adventures
starting with a simple task
gaining more complexity
in some fake philosophy
of fighting great evil

at this ephemera
bin laden's godfather of sin
abu nidal
died in violence
a day or so ago

i guess the game is to catch bin laden
he'll have to continue his evil
knowing he's doomed to defeat
because those playing the game and chasing him
can always restart any section he wins
the immediate gods
the old greek gods the hindu gods the shinto gods
the archetypal gods the players
will slaughter him
and end our stage of the game

and others will play the game again
and he'll fail again
and die again
and be played again
a life of evil ever repeated
never finding end

we the irrelevant extras
the artificial witnesses
we'll come and go
according to the game's design
in reruns replays
sometimes in
sometimes out
eventually nirvana

bin laden
his choice to stay the evil star
he'll find neither peace
nor victory

it seems
the buddha
was right

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