an engineering rush :: homework

i hate that divinity master
with his keep still
and his don't mess about
and his why can't you behave

if he wasn't so boring
if he made his lessons fun
i'd listen

and he keeps on about
his holy prince
who saved the church

that dull prince
who never won a battle
who only ever killed
some pigs

and now i've got
this really boring homework
to make a boring change
to boring history

well i'm fed up
and i don't like him
and i don't like his holy prince
the perfect boyhood
the perfect engagement
the perfect life

so i'll make that prince a king
and he has three wives
and he divorces one
and he kills one

he'll have six
and he divorces two
and he kills two
and he dies of syphilis

and the pope still makes him
defender of the faith

run computer run

the prince's pet dead greek
is killed by a flying tortoise*
before he wrote
his greatest play
'the prince'

which is now a nasty work
written by some italian**

that divinity master's still there
and he's got fat
and he teaches economics

and he goes on about
a prime minister
a tin lady
who preaches economics


*Aeschylus, supposèdly

Never Bury Poetry intends to publish this poem in 2K4.

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