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dog sea At Buckfast Abbey---The Queen Of Santa Fe---Home Town---An Ode To The A14image: published---Inn---Driving The Trees---Leicester Station---Leicester Squarepublishedset---North Of Kyleskuset---Dog Seapublished---scratby---Darmstadtpublished---Fenland Sketches-1published-2-3-4may offend language bigots---Top
fear in flight god … And Then I'll Break The Sea---At Buckfast Abbeyimage: published---An Eighteenth Century Beam Engine---Fear In Flight, God---Epigrams on Science---I Don't Visit My Mother's Gravepublished---Chance Is Such A Scornful Godpublished---Home Town---Old Funeral Music---In Another Conversation---But Its For The Children…---ici, pour les enfantspublished---Hymnen-[notes]-Technical Note-If-Teaser-Machine Solo α-Converse-Man Solo-Machine Solo β---shrines---Top
hence the coldness A Bicycle Criticises Concorde For Not Observing Butterflies------An Eighteenth Century Beam Engine---Hence The Coldness---chase chaseimage: may offend language bigots---I Don't Visit My Mother's Gravepublished---Intruder Alertpublished---Just Protectionism?---On Hunting With Hounds---Scorpion---There's Money In Mechanics---We, The Fellpublished---Am Lemming---Grey---Of Carolinepublished---Nursery Verse For Nursery Heads---Cavity Wall Insulation---Swoop-1-2-3may offend language bigots-4-5---Top
it's my hands gentle---It's My Handsimage: published---New Year's Evespublished---Don't Understand---Her Catching Eyespublished---Home Town---I Saw A Sleek Seduction---Lost Sanctuarypublished---The Pub Quiz Leaguepublished---Five Days---There Was A Young Lady Called Venus---These Words, They Were Not Saidpublishedset---Top
old man keats …And Then I'll Break The Sea---an engineering rush-homeworkimage: published---gentle---green---Guinnesspublished---Home Town---Hymnen-[notes]-Technical Note-If-Teaser-Machine Solo α-Converse-Man Solo-Machine Solo β---North Of Kyleskuset---old man Keatsset---The Queen Of Santa Fe---Swoop-1-2-3may offend language bigots-4-5---Underneath The Loch---Top
push pop push popimage: may offend language bigots---Accelerating Is Language English---My Appreciation Of Schoenberg---gentle---Elsewhen---Fugues---green---in cynic adverati---… a much for we …---Water-The Anger Of Water-Three Flawed-Viaduct-The Mere Of Ice---Regrowpublishedset-Manifesto-Father-Sonpublished-Program---select---when the trains first came---pah!---Top
the trumpet blown My Difficulty With Melancholyimage: published---Tobacco's Such A Treat---Don't Understand---An Ode To My Ego---An Ode To The A14published---The Trumpet Blownpublished---Of Carolinepublished---There Was A Young Lady From Venus---Nursery Verse For Nursery Heads---Working For---Guinnesspublished---Cheese And Onion Sandwichespublished---the three monks---Top
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april 2K3
dog sea
fear in flight god
hence the coldness
it's my hands
old man keats
push pop
the trumpet blown

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