ranting poesie

"Ranting Poesie" is for pub philosophers. A ranting poesie poem should be simple to recite whilst drunk. It should flow easily through the mouth, without using obvious words or obvious order. It should challenge belief.

My ranting poesie poems are collected into sets. Those below are subsets. The symbol indicates the set count.

I explore different styles of ranting poesie. The Clarion rants. an engineering rush argues. uncivil law is strident. Poetry awakens.

The Clarion ∋7
beer and pindar - lord pisswater's clarionimage: may offend language bigots - little diddems - bigot reinforcementmay offend language bigots

an engineering rush ∋11
the argument - homeworkimage: published

Poetry ∋7
select - Copyleft

uncivil law ∋24
centuries - money - invention - health

image: poetry



ranting poesie
rhyme rhythm
small form

image: published published
image: set set
image: uses raw english euphemism free
image: translation translation

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