flock state ::
create new killer our fear

escape did the foresighted few their kinder
genocided else all our fathers protectees
bred the paranoia gene select would genociders theory
has terror memory our culture dictated on by history

can recur must prevent must strength and steel
reclaim we a homeland rome stolen religion culture
egg break others secure harmonic
polite or child survive our choice we see no choice

see hope genociders justice hanged
planning future simple cycle crop culture grow
attacked we gunfirers target kinder kinder sight
go we cant no else there is just defend or dead

gunfiring bastards their land they say ours
corralled we respectless them no dignity
our victimhood greater theirs our bastard ever be
echo rote no compromise no surrender no childhood

recur a history fear cause recur a history fear cause
abuse on simpler heads recall fear echo echo
pleads the world not funders us find meet de klerk adams
killing time a killing time stubborn no let hope free

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echo echo
create new killer our fear
strike pale
epigram on the USA
victory impossible
and on the ninth day…
oh there

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