flock state ::

gave victims kinder refugehome
alone fought acidanimal nationalism
fought save victims history only us
luckskill final victors join

selfselected kinder ancestral mythicland
we there asked peace feed try
kinder rutted foolhowl nationalism
same arseholeness bully boy abattoir cut

in arrogance murdered two hundred tired sons
kinder catch contain murderer no
betrayer kinder betrayer justice betrayer state
elected massmurderer boss

their killerenemies ourenemies rode road they ride
they memoryhatred long stuckheld we grew
teenagepitface won'twon't everyonehatesme shriek
bullyhit bullyhitted nounderstand weepnoise

hairpull titface state "growup youlittlefuck
forgodssake trythinking fuckface littlestate
and blow your nose"

image: poem


arts & ego
dish dosh
© & licence

image: set Hear
image: music Hear

echo echo
create new killer our fear
strike pale
epigram on the USA
victory impossible
and on the ninth day…
oh there

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