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busy busy buzz buzz
11 5 9
... moved across Dublin into a small (temporary?) flat ... kitties rehomed ... seen Star Trek reboot ... Wurm fest will happen (but not as we knew it) ... poetry collection en route ... and ...
the problem with recovery by export
14 4 9
Many countries plan to export out of recession. Unfortunately, this is a global recession. If most countries try to increase exports, and reduce imports, where do they export to? Countries not
the puritanical uk
12 4 9
The UK is not a relaxed society. I relaxed when I left, and after a while I realised it was because I wasn’t constantly being watched. I am not comfortable with the continuous surveillance, the
ego google boo
4 4 9
Type my name, unquoted, into Google. My site, my public face, is number one. It’s true for Yahoo and Live too. The algorithms are being nice today.
If I had a number one frequent name, I’d be
31 3 9
Italian futurism was a poetic movement closely associated with Italian nationalism and fascism, thriving from the early 1900s to the defeat of Italian fascism in 1944. It has been ignored in English
30 3 9
I was only able to attend a couple of performances at Poetry Now this year, due to my leaving bash and traditional side-effects.
But I am very very grateful for my introduction to some excellent
ruined reputation
29 3 9
I’ve always enjoyed different foods and drink, finding the good, condemning the bad, never quiet about it. This is personal taste, of course, different people like different things. I’m always
22 3 9
I can’t decide whether contemporary skiffy (sci-fi, science fiction, whatever) is degrading, or whether I’ve got fussier.
I bought a batch of books (hoho) a few days ago, and have been struggling
time to punt the CV again
18 3 9
It’s the time to punt the CV again. I spent today polishing it.
The C++ market (my software engineering niche) hasn’t declined as much as I’d been expecting. I’m getting occasional contacts from
more open office bugs
17 3 9
Whilst the semi-traditional St. Patrick’s day parade trundles half a mile down the road, I’m meeting more bugs in Open Office. How about this one: select quite a lot of text, hit delete, and it
the complement ‘pompous’
27 2 9
I’ve just been called pompous, again.
I was called pompous many times when younger, generally when talking, usually enthusiastically, about something that interested me, something about which I
dear eircom
23 2 9
I'm cancelling this account forthwith.
I'm struggling to get my music and my poetry heard out there, and you're now deliberately blocking general access to the most effective distribution channels.
another boring bossman battle
21 2 9
I’ve finally gone back to finish Half Life 2 Episode 2.
The first time I played it through, I got stuck at the big battle. It was so boring, I gave up. It was more and more of the same but slightly
bye bye flight simulator
7 2 9
Microsoft have got rid of their Flight Simulator developers. This is tantamount to announcing the end of the product. All that’s left is the last few months of marketing and selling. They can’t
french classes
6 2 9
I’ve been attending various languages classes, to improve my Foreign. Since autumn, I’ve been consolidating my French in a conversation class.
It turns out I can thoroughly prattle in French. Don’t
making software annoying
5 2 9
Here are some common features, with examples, to add to software to make it annoying.
Get something subtly wrong. Windows Explorer screws up file sorting. Here is Windows Explorer’s alphabetical
a political was
4 2 9
I’ve been snatched into facebook by some old friends, and I have to admit I’m very glad about it.
I used to be very active in the British Liberal party, particularly the Young Liberals. There’s a
A foreigner observes Dublin
1 2 9
These are some observations that stick in my mind about Dublin. They don’t make a whole.
Driving standards here can be very poor. Every week, newspapers report more slaughter of the innocents. The
collection reprise
8 1 9
Half the argument of my previous blog entry on a possible collection or seven concerned why I should keep the poetry free to sell the book. Today’s BBC In Business episode, “Buy none, get one free”,
coffee machine
4 1 9
Do my kitties come when I call them? No. Do my kitties come when I open a window? No. Do my kitties come when I make myself a cup of coffee? Yes! They don’t even like the stuff!
I use a clattering
an interesting realisation
3 1 9
An interesting realisation: a lot of the poetry of mine that I don’t like is because it captures an emotion that I don’t like, whether it's immature, or embarrassing, or shameful, or whatever. That
state of the canard address
31 12 8
Domestic press releases happen. This year, I got my revenge in first.
State of the Canard Address
- an annual press release from -
Dylan Harris
(ok, so there's no canard, but you get the drift)
27 12 8
I’ve decided, finally, to look at my poetry to see if I can throw a collection together, one that might interest a publisher.
There are complications, such as that this site will stay up, and the
25 12 8
My Christmas treat has been in my fridge since February, complements of my last job. My boss presented me with three bottles of Westvleteren, often acknowledged as the best beer in the world. I'm
busy busy busy
13 12 8
I’ve a poetry recital coming up on Wednesday 17th at Wurm im Apfel. I have to prepare my set, including, for the first time, some seen, heard) poetry videocasts.
I’ve Europe, a chapbook, to launch
Domestic Incidental
10 11 8
My kitties came back from the vet slightly lighter on Tuesday. Were they human, they’d be candidates for the original Sistine Chapel choir, should schoolboy myths be true.
After the first evening,
Dress Codes
9 11 8
I went along to the Dublin munch last night, and it was thoroughly sociable if a wee bit underattended.
My only potential problem is that it’s deeply connected with a club event, and that club
8 11 8
I’ve not found a place to belong. Ireland's as flawed as the UK for me; at least blighty has London's hurricane, all of an artform isn’t much the same.
I wanted France, when I was spotty. I think
Insecure Social
8 11 8
I need to develop some social life here, I think, to gain me a little bit of an anchor, to reduce the alien loneliness I feel towards this alien city. I’m going along to language classes, but whilst
Other companies I won’t use again
4 11 8
There are some other companies I will never use again.
MFI* are just incompetent. That they still survive, presuming they do, has to be because there aren’t enough IKEA stores around. I once
Companies I won’t use again: PC World
4 11 8
PC World, the near-monopoly UK computing superstore, have a policy of deliberately insulting customers who use certain banks. I use the Co-op in the UK. If I try and use my Co-op debit card at PC
Companies I won’t use again: Vodafone
4 11 8
I had a contract with Vodafone in the UK many years ago. I’d been paying it to standard terms, e.g. within 28 days of the bill being issued. I’d almost cancelled it, because I couldn’t afford it,
Europe: a chapbook
3 11 8
As part of my reading at Wurm im Apfel on December 17th, I’ve a chapbook coming out. I hope to offer copies for sale here. All the poems are on my site; I dislike artificial scarcity.
But there’s
Why are Word Processors crap?
2 11 8
Every few months, I get deeply annoyed with those software products that call themselves Word Processors. Not one of the damn things processes words. It’s so f***ing annoying. They just don’t seem
Wurm im Apfel
18 10 8
Myself and my fellow fenland refugee are organising small readings here in gloried Dublin. Actually, I’m hardly doing anything, but will bark in the shadow for cake.
We’ve chosen the name for
more french
16 10 8
I went along to some evening classes in French over summer, and found by the end of the four months I’d lost confidence in my ability to use what I was learning. That’s no good; a language is there
more dutch
15 10 8
I’m restarting my Dutch evening classes, even though I’m unlikely to return to a Dutch speaking country. I’d completed a year and a little in Belgium before I left for the Republic. I don’t like
devon on hold
5 10 8
I’ve just posted devon garde’s final two videocasts. I want to see the reaction, if any, to the forthcoming album before I make more music. Without music, it’s a little difficult to make music
the perfect podcast episode
2 10 8
Go listen to Stephen Fry’s “Compliance Defiance”, his latest podgram. It’s an absolutely wonderful rant, the perfect Mr. Angry, the classic exploding English toff. The subject’s perfect, the
needing a social change
29 9 8
I’ve been happily living alone for decades, but now I find I want a woman about. It’s rather like spending decades growing flowers, and suddenly discovering the joy of concrete. Recent events have
still stockhausen
22 9 8
I’ve been listening across the electronic genres, mostly the popular stuff, to make sure I know what’s going on. As good as some of it is, and some is very good, none can touch Stockhausen’s
the four horsemen
20 9 8
Me and my friend lilly nipped out to see The Four Horsemen, performed by the dance group Volcano, in the Dublin fringe, last night.
For me, it was an interesting follow up to the Bergen electronic
electronic literature and new media
18 9 8
I’ve a mention in the draft ELECTRONIC LITERATURE AND NEW MEDIA authoring software page. Ignore me, go there to explore many other poets works.
bergen elit
18 9 8
Last weekend, there was an eliterature conference in Bergen, at which I presented some of my work. I got some positive reactions, which is always good.
I had intended to recite live, but I was
black loft
7 9 8
I’ve only been to one Dublin fringe event, an attempt to auction some art for a play, and then I only went along to meet a Hungarian who shares my reaction to the continent of Ireland.
I did my
exploring electronic music
7 9 8
Since I'm generating music, it makes immense sense to listen to what other people are up to. I gave up on non-classical music in about 1981, so I’ve a great deal of catching up to do.
I'm doing
flock state album
7 9 8
This website has seen heavy traffic growth over the last few months. This is down to three things:
(i) an annoying indexing engine that isn’t labelling itself as an index engine; normally indexing
bergen laptop
7 9 8
I’ve been waiting for the right moment to get myself a new laptop for six months. Then I got an invite to perform at the Bergen eliterature conference, presenting the material I put on my poetry

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