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2009 Parameter Magazine publish autumn and swan.
2008 Wurm Press published Europe, a chapbook.
Meri von Kleinsmid used Water :: The Anger of Water in a small corner of her piece Wu Xing, transmitted in Framework on Resonance FM on December 7th. It’s on the Framework podcast.
Devon Garde’s album flock state is available on iTunes, emusic, and other online stores. This is a remastered version of the free version here.
I presented poetry with processed photography at the Electronic Literature in Europe conference in Bergen.
2007 Parameter Magazine published final tv big.
C++ is published in On Literature and Science, edited by Philip Coleman, published by Four Courts Press, Dublin, ISBN 978-1-84682-071-7.
2006 I gave a recital at the Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry. The programme published tension nitro ego and easter sunday.
Words–Myth published from Sappho.
Great Works published tin rush.
2005 Did Krax publish Cheese And Onion Sandwiches and Of Caroline? I foolishly lost contact with them.
2004 Great Works published discard.
Envoi published part of Hymnen.
Great Works published glist.
First Time published Lost Sanctuary.
Never Bury Poetry published an engineering rush (i) :: homework, The Joy Of Tax and Tring.
Orbis published At Buckfast Abbey.
Scrawl 7 published chase chase
Scrawl 9 published oh dear what a pity there there and watch the desire of love to exist.
Exile published england corrupted.
2003 Borderlines published New Year’s Eves.
Did Dial 174 publish A Horrible Day, The Queen Of Santa Fe, Sharp, I Saw A Sleek Seduction, and A Well–Kept Pint of Burton?
First Time published Sunlit Gloom.
Envoi published Regrow :: Father, :: Son and :: Program.
Never Bury Poetry published shrines, Guinness and ici, pour les enfantsset.
Subverse published harvest.
Page 84 published Too Fast To Stop and The Trumpet Blown in the Whether Or Not Edition (April).
Inclement published It’s My Hands and I Don’t Visit My Mother’s Grave.
Equinox published The Pub Quiz League.
Black Rose published Touching Each Desire With Happy Jokes.
Iota published Leicester Squareset.
Moonstone published Scenes From A Blackpool Conference: Dog Sea.
2002 The final edition of Breathe published Darmstadt (the second poem I wrote).
Black Rose published My Difficulty With Melancholy (13).
Never Bury Poetry published Chance Is Such A Scornful God (Summer) and M6 (Winter).
Subverse published Her Catching Eyes (Spring), Intruder Alert and We, The Fell (Autumn).
2001 Cambridge Poetry Newsletter published Regrow :: Son (as “... regrow ...”).
Island (the Scottish one) published An Ode To The A14 and Fenland Sketch (6).
2000 The Citroënian (the Citroën Car Club Magazine) published Doris’s Day Out.
1990 Broadside published These Words, They Were Not Saidset, Bob Geldof ... (as “Bob Geldof”), and Chopin and the Chilli Wars.


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