These bindings, from a disk set called "Compuserve Source and Bindings" (because it was originally available on CompuServe), include code released by Digital Research to enable programmers to write GEM applications in a variety of languages, and the source code to some important GEM applications.

Many files consist of collections of smaller files in something that looks quite like a TAR archive: but I've no idea what archive program was used to pack everything so you'll have to unpack it by hand. Ensure you check every source file.

The full listing of the disks are:

Disk 1: COMPS1 DOC 640 6-29-86 4:15p *** This document LRGCM BND 83465 1-01-80 12:01a *** Large Model C Bindings TURBO BND 75742 1-01-80 12:02a *** Turbo Pascal Bindings MEMORY DOC 5522 1-01-80 12:03a *** Useful tips on Memory Management TUTOR C 77934 1-01-80 12:04a *** Source of Tutorial Program INSTALL C 51910 1-01-80 12:04a *** Source of Install.App RECORD C 37679 1-01-80 12:05a *** Source of Tape Recorder Program SHELL C 2070 1-01-80 12:00a *** Useful routines Disk 2: COMPS2 DOC 315 6-29-86 4:36p *** This document GEMIMG C 70468 1-01-80 12:06a *** Collection od code to handle .IMG *** and .GEM files ODISPL C 12600 1-01-80 12:06a *** Code to read/write .GEM Metafiles SNAP C 71044 1-01-80 12:07a *** Source of SNAPSHOT.ACC accessory F77 BND 41088 6-29-86 4:49p *** IBM PROFORT Fortran 77 Bindings PROAES BND 64512 6-29-86 4:47p *** IBM PROFORT Fortran 77 Bindings

Disk 3:
Seems to be Microsoft C and some Pascal bindings.

Disk 4:
A disk I've labelled "Revised GEM from Compuserve"---you'll need a copy of PKUNPAK to process the archives.


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