See also the Citroën XM.


To quote the original blurb...

"GEM XM Desktop allows you to run several applications at once. You can switch at will between them and even pass data from application to application. No longer need you finish one job before starting another.

No more errors in typing the output of one programme as input to the next. Even for DOS applications that were not specially written for GEM.

These new capabilities are in addition to the easy-to-use GEM Desktop functions of organising and displaying the contents of your discs. All commands use drop-down menus so need no memorizing. Discs and files are represented by icons which are unambiguous and easy to select, especially with a mouse.

GEM XM Desktop is delivered complete with the indispensable GEM Diary which has alarm clock, calendar, diary and card index functions constantly available.

Major features include:

* Load up to ten applications simultaneously
* Switch between applications at any time in any order
* Cut and paste data between applications
* Use RAM disc or expanded memory (if available)
* Alarm clock, calendar, diary card index and calculator accessories

GEM XM Desktop system requirements:

* IBM PC or 100% compatible
* 512k RAM---some features require more
* Expanded memory, used as RAM disk, for even higher performance
* Hard Disc
* CGA, EGA or Hercules graphics or compatible
* Logimouse, Mouse Systems or Microsoft mouse or compatible or Summagraphics tablet (optional but highly recommended)"


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