Doom 3

There are many reviews of Doom 3 out there, and I agree with most of them.

The graphics are wonderful, the lighting incredible. This game scares the shit out of the player. The game–play is unreconstructed: it copies Half Life except the innovation, it ignores Unreal 2 and Far Cry. It includes many dreary “kill the big monsters” rounds; force a Ferrarri to be a Ford.

However, the graphics are significantly better than the game-play is rubbish. Id have created a work of art.

I did not expect the music to be excellent, and I am stunned. Each area has it’s own music, different parts from different places, so as you move the music changes. I found myself wandering around just to explore the what I heard. I tried to write such music in the 1980s (Mechanie). I’m not claiming that Doom 3’s music is connected, I’m simply claiming common ground.

You know, I half–think this game would be better without the game. Buy it for virtual Mars and virtual Hell; spend days awander the galleries.

Having said that, I do like killing daemons, it’s what makes the sale, it’s a human failing.

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