A complete waste of money.

This Sci–Fi adventure is a desperately missed opportunity. It could have been something wonderful. It’s as though the project was controlled by bean–counters who, to save money, threw out things which weren’t directly part of the gameplay, not understanding that they were needed to make the game playable.

The result is save game doesn’t work. Instead, the game choses points idiotic places to save, and gets it wrong, and wrong, and wrong… It has no banks of saved games, only the last wrong place, so you can’t even get round its mistakes. I suppose I was foolish not to have expected a giant bureaucracy like Microsoft to make stupid presumptions about people using their products.

Pity, really. The game play feels like it could be rather fun. Some of the visuals are breathtaking. Oh well; pornography can be beautifully shot, but it doesn’t make a baby.

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