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discard :: 1

arts and ego for fotos

possession’s ownership discarded

no longer mild nostalgia replayed
    at bored will
the listening must wait for random
    radio schedule
or rare shared taste in complexity
an intellectual heat best held
    back unfed
to audience

no more only opened by my hand
pausing shallow tales retold
nor exploration of non–
    sequential centuries
libraries will help me roll
the texture of someone else’s
    careful dream
ingested rewritten thrown

no rectangle again captured sight
no wild land linear geometry
no raw cultivation
no mechanical ecology
these i will revisit
creating sarcastic dimensional
    click shots
sneering this plodding nation’s
    dalek bigotry

the liberation of [placeholder]

I find your style, visually and verbally, engaging and individual while utterly without posturing. Which is not the norm on any count. (Randolph Healy)

A work of art and a labour of love, worth every penny of the 16 pound asking price, The Liberation of [Placeholder] will grace any coffee table. More please. … I want to hold [this] up as a model for where, in this digital age, poetry in print should be bound. Poetry collections as artefacts …. (The Journal, Autumn 2012)

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