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clip monopoly

arts and ego for fotos

         elephant admires ant
         tries leafwalking

stanza & some
elsepage font counterset
print élan erased

         elephant admires terrier
         tries ratting

pages exact select
number instruct
cum crapness delicto
selection corrupted

         elephant admires drunk
         tries pub door

hey mr mouse
i’ve a job for you

the liberation of [placeholder]

I find your style, visually and verbally, engaging and individual while utterly without posturing. Which is not the norm on any count. (Randolph Healy)

A work of art and a labour of love, worth every penny of the 16 pound asking price, The Liberation of [Placeholder] will grace any coffee table. More please. … I want to hold [this] up as a model for where, in this digital age, poetry in print should be bound. Poetry collections as artefacts …. (The Journal, Autumn 2012)

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