angst cycle (iii)
[β] (i)

the clatter upstairs
is like the plot of a complex novel
all the traditional elements
the young and foolish cumulus
the vague cirrus
the evidence of aircraft

but the unusual can be seen too
a great smear of the discworld
drawn in white

a lone shark
drifts in front

the stone god

and all kinds of complex
little details
scurrilous and textured like
stirring coffee
growing children
a dropped pack of marbles

all revealing the naked blue
not quite enough is hidden
you see in public
the fascinating things that should be private
that so provoke the sunbathers

i keep looking back
the movement changes the complexity
not just across and between
but even within
size shape and texture
but the fractal dimension
of the complexity
seems to be constant

it can’t be
of course
gas being gas
but it seems to be

it the nearest thing
i’ve seen
to a local galactic cluster

i think
only reveals the inspiration
of those who paint
book covers

so it’s a science fiction novel
full of characters
a fairly weak plot
and the theme
the theme

you know that
you’ve been reading it for weeks