sea nerd blog — leuven / louvain

It’s one of those trips where things go wrong. I’d lost two of the planned four days to outside events, and another half day business task took all day, leaving just today for the photography. When I’d asked around for Flemish towns with canals for photography, I should have emphasised smooth waters. I didn’t.

Leuven, or Louvain, has shallow fast moving waters with occasional discarded, bent bicycles. Ok, so the light was shite, but that wouldn’t matter at night. The rough water does.

It could have been tidal, but I’m not sure. The town is overlooked by hills.

Also, to be honest, the water I saw wasn’t overlooked by anything interesting, which denies interesting reflection photography. Admittedly, I didn’t look too far.

It was as disappointing as the Liffy at Heuston.

Anyway, the result was I got no photographs in Leuven. Instead, we got on the train to Lier.

ancient front