honey bee — [E] (iv)

one day
the world ran out of words

they’d all be used

it’s not that there were
too many languages
there was only one

which some people might feel
was too many
but those people
are lingo curmudgeons

it’s not that there were
too many people
there were
but that wasn’t
the problem

there were
too many ideas
too many things
their own word

so the world
ran out of words

the committee for the conversion of thingie
needed a good word
for their idea
they searched the world’s dictionary
to recycle
unused words
but there were none
the unused words
had all been ununused

so everyone got together
and worked out a solution
rather than one language
there would be lots
so some words
would mean one thing in one language
and something quite different
in another

this caused much confusion
but in the end
it worked

that’s why now
we have so many languages
or so few