honey bee — [I] (v)

i remember
typing online

that i was fat

and i got
a dozen replies
what’s your body image issue

quite angry
they were

i didn’t get it
why is me being factual
about me

a reason
for their

and then i got it
they don’t want
to be called fat
when they’re fat

because then
the weenies
and idiots
with a complex
a need to be superior
can use the body image thing
to be superior

like a tramp
pissing on parked rolls–royce
makes him feel superior

to be fair
the tramp
could be

he’s unlikely
to have made his fortune
selling torture toys
to believers

whereas those skinny people
with that superiority need
aren’t so far
from fortune

it’s a mess
this whole body image thing
everyone carefully ignoring
the simple fact
that all one needs
to change

is the balance
between out and in
more energy used than eaten
gets slim
more energy eaten than used
gets fat

and if that’s all
that people wanted
then that tramp
who sells dietary supplements
wouldn’t have keys
to his roller
to lose