the word the world

There’s new seen, heard) poetry podcast episodes for the word the world, along with individual recordings for the [A] and [B] poems themselves.

forthcoming readings

March 10th: for Upstairs at Duroc, at the American Library, in Paris
April 2nd: for Knives, Forks & Spoons Press (provisional)

recently published

My poetry has recently appeared, or will soon appear, in print. will publish ierland is geen belgie (i) (from antwerp), macport (iv), big town blues (v) vingt cinq ans (from the smoke), and armchair &#fb01;re&#fb01;ghting (xii) on the streets of Dublin in the forthcoming Irish general election.


image: irchester dusk

More at 4B8.

George Vance

image: George Vance

More fun from George at 4B2

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