image: antwerp cover


by dylan harris
published by wurm press
72 pages, perfect bound
ISBN 978-0-9563732-0-5
€12 (plus P&P)

Read Dave Lordan’s review from Page 57 of Post-II (PDF).

Antwerp just in, a first book, by one dylan harris, full of vivacious, energetic poetry that’s a shock to the ear and mind, a delight. And funny. It reminds me strongly of the late, great Bill Griffiths. Griffiths in a good mood though. It doesn’t get much better than that. Dublin’s gain is Cambridge/Antwerp’s loss—how did we get so lucky? Beats me.()

I haven’t seen anything of yours since you left Cambridge, and I think your writing has matured. There are fewer places where you can’t be followed, or where the word order has been denormalised but we can’t see why. And you’re more willing to let both wit and scenes emerge, however bittily. The poems have more of a speech act about them, perhaps that’s what it is.
Your best poems are clear, in a particular manner of verbal clarity. The sonics are so projected and balanced that the words effect their own realisation. I think. Like that sudden “Appleby”

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an other peoples’ country
strangers’ land across the corner

antwerp dry–witted flanders’ hip
a centre the europe

visit breath inhabit feel
look live loathe love

in these my alien eye see
in these that

a broad brit abroad
behind the time wall