image: big town blues cover

big town blues

by dylan harris
A5, 168pp, June 2018
published by The Knives, Forks & Spoons Press
ISBN 978-1-912211-18-0
£12.99 plus P&P from the publishers, €15 from the poet

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I like the voice, even when I’m not sure exactly what it’s saying. But that’s OK, because this is poetry, and it’s not necessarily about what it’s saying, it can (should, perhaps) also be about how it says it, and some other vague stuff about what it (poetry) does (can do). There is an experience waiting here that doesn’t exist anywhere else. (, May 2019)

Pithy, minimalist poems that explore contemporary life. … The poems do focus on the detailed structure, allowing the reader to build as much on what’s said as what’s not said. … big town blues is a series of wry observations on urban life and mostly the frustrations encountered by powerless people and writers, capturing the feeling of being a stranger in a place that should be home. ( 56)

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