Poets Live will o&#fb00;er an eclectic range of English-language poetry, all styles and tastes, instream and outstream, from the anglophonie, from outside the anglophonie. We want poets visiting Paris to read, we want poets living in Paris to read. Our goal is to explore the breadth of modern anglophonic poetry.

Find us on facebook, goodreads or twitter, or via email.

We won’t charge people to come and hear the poets, and we won’t pay the poets to read. Instead, we want you, the audience, to buy the poets’ books. This permits you fresh access to great poetry long a&#fb05;er memory has le&#fb05; the night’s performance hazy. This bene&#fb01;ts the poets themselves, of course, directly and tangibly. But this also helps that third essential element of poetic progress, the publishers and editors, the team critics, the honers, the developers, the distributors of good and new poetics. So come, hear, buy the books.

Our readings, held one Tuesday a month, are kindly hosted by the Carr’s Pub & Restaurant, 1 rue du Mont-Thabor, Metro Tuileries. We’re not paying the bar for the space, so we respectfully ask each audience member to buy a drink.