flame — of uncivil law

anecdotally on the net in mailing list or usenet news
it’s quick to rant a hate or fire a sniper shout
insulting people somewhere else
discarded phrases causing rile

but on the net in chatting space
it’s hard to turn away apologising balm
the cleaning up of conversation mess
natter mutter data
unworded taken back

in conversation your draft asserts are chopped
before they set entrenched

when you set a written down
there is no sneering chuckle
to put you back to right
you guard your silly place

and more retreats and more defend and more assault
it’s all more hate and time

if a problem’s for resolve use a conversation
if a problem’s for exacerbate use a written down

who likes to writ and word
who charges by the hour

when accused in ranting print
when clever nicely lines attack