unjustice — of uncivil law


right justice
requires good law
and balanced judgement


all those principles you should be thinking of
listening all sides not taking bribes
consistency consequences completeness
retribution mercy

how can balance be
without every one


good law’s for parliament
that’s another row


too many courts
don’t bother announce a case
don’t effort to hear defence
don’t report pronouncing
don’t treat balance
as worth the cost of phoning up
and hearing each opinion

that’s two pence
of their billionaire flow


without water there is no ocean
without balance there is no justice


no phone
no email
no fax
no messaging

just write to be ignored
as though the fifteenth century
had a stretch of sanity
and forced their judges to accept
king henry’s mail
but the courts reneged
by castrating written pleas
as dementia


and when answering an accusation
how does where you are now
affect the facts then

if you’re there
the prostitutes of barristering can interrogate
can leer at body language
can opine honesty

but why prevent all the distance interaction
why prevent so much expression of defence


authorities proudly claim
in almost every money case
there is no defence
“so make your rampant accusations
on our network site”

they’d sell titanic tickets
“sail the ship see the ocean floor”


walking sticks and hobbled men
balance and justice
kick a stick a helpless man falls
kick defence justice fell


a simple means to say
could simply be accepted
it’s quick to make the phone secure
as do the banks


or is technology monster
frightening decrepit law
declining childhood


english civil law broke
when phones became so popular
ninety years ago

english civil law corrupted
when phones became ubiquitous
fifty years ago


and for those who don’t understand
than an alternative is not an obligation
yes i know not everyone has a phone
a mobile email the web fax
and whatever geek creations
make tomorrow strange
nor does everyone have a home
a postal address
yet the law presumes

and insists we all pretend
the snail
that inefficient polluting collapsing archaic
postal service
is perfection


email uses seconds and costs as zero
to translate the world
the post uses days
and costs infinitely more
to cross the road


if civil law had justice
all defenders would be heard


generations have been denied
law can’t be arsed to fetch defence
nor permit its presentation in the manner of its time


this is more than mere rot
this is more than britain’s culture of incompetence
english civil law’s corrupt


boil the gargoyle