parliament — of uncivil law

the courts for sure maintain their free to act
but i’m concerned by parliament
independent supposèdly of courtly ways
it needs it must be able
to cure a justice mess

the plebiscite can like to vote opponents in
legals the largest brat amongst MPs
can like to keep their outside skills alive
but don’t have time to educate for change
so lawyers still have strong appeal
to tinker with the courtly flies
and let a justice failure be

like drivers in always shunting goods yards
who only see the slowly moving wagons
not the stretching railway
not the can’t–stop–in–time ramping express

they’ll not decide to fix a mess
they haven’t noticed happen yet

the executive part–neutered parliament by whips enticing power
justice part–neutered parliament by colonisation

we need a rule that legal lads both girls and boys
are barred to candidate for parliament
unless their justice membership be eternally revoked

Looks like the balance has changed since this poem was written; the proportion of legals amongst MPs has gone down by a third since 1997. Mind you, the argument isn’t really destroyed; the profession still carries excessive influence; Tony Blair, Prime Minister, and Michael Howard, Tory leader, are both ex–legals.