an engineering rush (v) — (iii)

forget the pond
think the sea
never smooth the react
but wrong

the sea the sea the global sea
the sea the smooth the global smooth
in comparison of scale
the sea is smoother
smoother still
the sea is smooth

until a broken meteor hits
the fire is not the sun–night light
but rocks themselves
the rocks themselves
heated molten glowing hot
heated by the press
the press of air
the press of rushing air

and hit the rocks the water do
hit the water do
an immensity of pace
to call those things the impact makes
the impact makes
mere rings
seems a little short
a little short of fright

but rings they are
bigger rings faster rings
but rings they are
bigger rings faster rings
rings of consequence
rushing up
rushing out
interfering to complexity
a surface of the sea
running round the world perhaps