they don’t

an hour made
sat so still
     urban backdoor

a best moment
     of life

a blackbird
     sang beauty

birds sound
     they say
          they speak
               they shout
                    they sing

they crow
     they caw
          they talk
               they rumble
                    they strike

what do they say
     why do they say
          why won’t you hear

they threaten fellows
     they entice love
          they entrance poets

they beg for food
     they scream when sliced
          they proclaim small empires

they do not

if you hear background
     then say so
if you’re humping sacks
     then say so
if you don’t listen
     then say sWHY DON’T YOUR LISTEN

why no listen
     to birdsong
          to messiaen
               to the blackbird

twitter’s blancmange
     not blade
     not steel

     just listen