water — brexit

we longlife lovers gentlewalk
in lowlight shadow
on worn familiar stone
a columned grecian temple
no light no inner wall

beyond all edge far distant
raving running sabrelight
sprint hammering hate at else
city delete world erase
this foul to us then turns

quickdown temple steps we rush
in hard night scrub we sprint
until the edge of land a void
the end of place
in scrub we undercower

then i say a no not yet
i’ve secrets stark to cry
you were to know
but now you shall
this hate it’s fouling close

so i whisper
Hymnen mir sinn zwei
versat eis elo
widder Dech

& so ze did

from scrubbush covercower
as light had turned as tide at us
mir si versat
light & cover supremed away
startled started shock survive

Hymen widder mussen mir fortrennen
dann du elo um Ausbroch dauschs
dann du engem schine Sonn an Dällche fanns
dann ech meng Dame dir aféiere sollen
mäi Frend

confess i to love still stun
my life a lie a lie of act
and act i had to urgent act
the foul was not at us
but we had where it had to hate

in shock my act’s sharp end
could flush us free of death
so dofir mir sinn héi elo
i am not from your reality
and neither now are you

& i became detested
& love was still protected
& change became accepted
& all remained conflicted
an den nächsten Akt