This form consciously wrecks normal English grammar, not a new idea. In some poems, I’ve borrowed from other languages, including computer languages. I’ve removed small connecting words, and assembled concept words in imprecise order, to loosen linguistic context. Just as I chaffed against the rectangular border of photographs, so I’m chaffing against over–precise English language.

Regrow image: published   Son image: published Program  final tv big image: published … a much for we …  tension nitro ego image: published watch the desire of love to exist flock state  create new killer our fear  kinder


These are not formal classical epigrams.

Al–Qaida  Islam  San Francisco  Science  The USA  The West  Fear  Politics


Accelerating is Language English  and then there’s the mediocre mouths  cathedral level court court  China Poem image: uses powerful language Chopin And The Chilli Wars image: published christmas card poem  create new killer our fear  discard image: published 6   easter sunday image: published england corrupted image: uses powerful language Fenland Sketches  1 image: published   garden  ghost image: set   glist image: published green  A Horrible Day  ici, pour les enfants image: published image: set   my father was a ufo  Namings  America  Norfolk  Keighly  Sandy  oh dear what a pity there there  Old Funeral Music  old man Keats  Poetry  Copyleft  The Pub Quiz League image: published remembering the das image: uses powerful language Reply  scratby  server room image: set   shrines image: published still biting  the three monks  this ‘bright’ life  To Let image: set   Too Fast To Stop image: published The Trumpet Blown image: published uncivil law  criminal  upset  when the trains first came


JS Bach was the master of the fugue. Tunes repeat, invert, stagger, slow, quicken, transform; concurrent contrapuntal counterpoint. A poem fugue is merely spoken repeated until the person reciting runs out of stupidity.

Fugues  More Fugues  Pop Fugues


A haiku is a short serene observation. An oiku is a headbutt.

angle  bacon  english garden  grand  look rich apple grows  lou reed


advocate  Animal Magnetism  Higg’s Boson  Why The Black Background?

ranting poesie

A “Ranting Poesie” poem is for pub philosophers. It should be simple to recite whilst drunk. It should flow through the mouth, without being obvious. It should challenge belief.

The Clarion  beer and pindar  lord pisswater’s clarion image: uses powerful language little diddems  bigot reinforcement image: uses powerful language an engineering rush (i)  the argument  homework image: published Poetry  select  Copyleft  uncivil law  centuries  money  invention  health


regrow image: published father

rhyme rhythm

Accelerating Is Language English  green  My Difficulty With Melancholy image: published Reply  Slough, Pronounced In French, Is “Slug”  The Trumpet Blown image: published uncivil law  53  Underneath The Loch  Box Number image: set   Is It Coffee In The Blood  North Of Kylesku image: set   To Let image: set   Wake Up, Wake Up, Oh Slippery Snake  an engineering rush (i)  a song so dire  Tobacco’s Such A Treat  Poetry  Copyleft  Box Number image: set


I’ve only used two rhyming schemes, the traditional Shakespearian ababcdcdefefgg, and an immediate scheme of aabbccddeeffgg to alienate the content.

Her Catching Eyes image: published An Ode To The A14 image: published On The Sonnet  Tring image: published in cynic adverati  Scorpion  uncivil law  maid  We, The Fell image: published regrow image: published son image: published … a much for we …


amphibrach trimeter

The Trumpet Blown image: published

amphibrach quadrameter

Hymnen  Technical Note  Cheese And Onion Sandwiches (ish)

iambic quadrameter

A Village …  Inn

iambic hexameter

Underneath The Loch


There Was A Young Lady Called Venus

rhyme royal

regrow  father

trimeter quadrain

Instructions For A Common Ceremony