File (first in file)
long long Magic Number
version File Format Version
wstring Application Name
version Application Version
0:M File Version
1:M Dates (at least creation, last mod dates)
0:M Signature
0:1 Licence
sequence Sequence

0:M Sundries
1:M Poems
1:M Poet

0:1 Sequence
wstring Name
rtf Description
rtf Bio
M:1 Locale of First Language
date DoB
date DoD
blob Public Key Certificate Chain

version Version number
M:1 Sequence
0:M Date

enum Date type (poem creation, print, partial print, save, sign)
wstring User
date Date
wstring Comments (such as save file name)
version Resultant Version

Signature (signature stuff at very end of file so extra signatures can easily be added)
blob Signature
blob Certificate Chain
bool Unmodifiable

Poem Licence
Copy permitted
Edit permitted
Commercial use permitted
CC ?