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M:1 Word
1:M definitions

0:M Spellings
0:M Objects (e.g. images)
1:M Pronunciations
wstring Definition
enum Category (None, Euphemism, Cliche, Phrase, Adynaton, Kenning)
M:1 Specialisation
enum Type of word (article, adverb, adjective, noun, verb, participle, etc..)
M:M Locale
0:M Definitions containing this one (as in words in phrases)
1:A words (as in words making up this phrase)
0:M Definition of Euphemisms for this word
0:M Definition of word for which this is a Euphemism
0:M Definition of other synonyms (as in much the same meaning)
0:M Definition of antonyms (as in opposite meaning)
0:M Definition of homonyms (as in sound alike; presumably, same phonetic spelling)
0:1 Additional definition (one of none, Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb)
enum Associated Season (none, spring, summer, autumn, winter, new year)

Noun Definitions
1:1 Definition
M:1 Modifier for plural
0:M Definition of hyponyms (as in word with similar but more specific meanings, e.g. crimson is hyponym of red)
0:M Definition of hypernyms (as in similar but more general meanings, e.g. red is hypernym of crimson)
0:M Definition of meronymies (as in containors, e.g. the Church of England is a meronymy of Worcester Cathedral)
0:M Definition of holonymies (as in contained, e.g. Worcester Cathedral is a holonymy of the Church of England)

Verb Definitions
1:1 Definition
1:M Tense
0:M Definition of troponyms (A is a type of B for verbs, e.g. lisp, talk)
0:M Definition of entailments (if you're doing A, you must be doing B: e.g. snoring, sleeping)

Adjective Definitions
1:1 Definition
0:M Definition of related nouns
1:0 Verb Participle

Adverb Definitions
1:1 Definition
1:0 Base adjective

1:1 Definition
M:M Phoneme
wstring Rhythm
byte Stress Count
byte Syllable Count
1:1 Locale

wstring Letters
1:1 Locale
enum Style (N/A, first letter capital, all letters capital, capital plus dot separated)

0:M Modifier
enum Who (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st-plural, 2nd-plural, 3rd-plural)
enum When (Present, Past, Future, etc.)

enum remove (none, begin, end, first-of, last-of, all)
enum add (none, start, end, removal-point)
wstring remove-this
wstring insert-this

M:1 parent locale
locale C++ Locale
uint From year
uint To year

wstring Name
wstring Description