all dialogues

All dialogues have OK, Cancel, Apply and Help buttons. Some have Advanced… buttons. Help goes to a dialogue or TAB help page; there is no help page for individual controls, although controls do have tool tips.


TAB: Software copyright info, app version
TAB: Poetry copyright info, licence
TAB: Website info

application locale


View locale & parent locale names. Cannot change.

Advanced user

Simple select locale (combo list). Parent locale displayed in consequence of chosen locale. Parent locale cannot be changed.

Admin only

TAB select locale; as advanced user.
TAB edit locale text: this is a table, LHS Standard English, RHS locale (grey is as parent locale).

assonance & consonance

Show locale


LHS phonemes; all vowels specified. Can sort in phoneme order.
Middle column: category, vowel, consonant, dipthong, other (check up on this). User can change category. Can sort in category order. Can filter on category.
RHS assonant phonemes; editable.

Mutual option has assonance / consonance for other phonemes set to include current one.


Apply changes to mutual effect;
Sort order;
Change phoneme category;
Change locale (implies Apply);
Change connection (assonance, consonance, etc...) (maybe by Tab controls).



read only. All others can edit. Locale shown.


LHS alternatives of word/phrase;
RHS Definition of selected alternate.
Buttons: Connections… to Word Connections; Advanced… adds TABs below.

Advanced TABs

TAB: properties (None, Euphemism, Cliché, Phrase, Adynaton, Kenning), plus (article, adverb, adjective, noun, verb, etc.), & season (none, spring, summer, autumn, winter, new year);
TAB: phonetic spelling, rhythm;
TAB: locale tree (grey for word not found at that point);
TAB: (not articles) contained in (list of phrases);
TAB: (noun only) plural (allow selection of modified);
TAB: (verb only) tense (allow selection of modifier per person per tense);
TAB: Pronunciation, stress, syllable count;
TAB: Specialisation (select/deselect, plus edit, add, rename, delete known specialisations, which have descriptions).



poem (po pro, txt, rtf)
dictionary (po pro, princeton)
phonetica (popro, others?)
form (po pro)

Save As:

poem (po pro, txt, rtf, html, xml)
dictionary (po pro, princeton, xml)
phonetica (po pro, xml, others?)
form (po pro, xml)


All users can open & save poems, ordinary users can't open or save anything else.


Ordinary users can only browse form.

for each, list of names on LHS
On RHS, use RTF control with:
show expected layout with all stanzas
show expected metre per line
show expected rhymes
show expected and optional line repetitions, colour or link lines?
show expected and optional chorus
permit usual editing but only rhythm chars if pos
select to set features with usual mechanisms


Link to specific help from each window.


Display & edit sundries:
title, subtitle, quote, poet, footnote, comment, date, attribution, header, footer.


Application Licence, if implemented.
Option to licence (decide what facilities are only available to payers).
Display licence.
Consider client server needs (e.g. school).


Tree interface of locales on left
Phoneme list and separate dictionary list on right
Tree can multi select, entries shown appear in all selected (black), some selected (grey), permit moving some to all
Create (child, sibling)
go to phoneme, dictionary entry
research further
list context menu: go to entry, move entry to all, new,cut/copy/paste/delete
tree context mneu: expand/contract, new,cut/copy/paste/delete
these items can differ among locales: spelling, phonemes (sound), phonemes (rhythm), phonemes (stress), liaison, meaning … and form


These are all defaults
‘paper’ edge, from standard stuff
above, below, left, right stanzas
above, below, left, right sundries


One line rhythm pattern
display syllable count etc.
deduce, but allow to edit, stress


TAB: (Admin) directories (User Save, User Data, Common Data, Common Help)
TAB: (Admin) Update server name & service
TAB: (Advanced user) Default locale
TAB: Default font?
TAB: Spell search: Ignore U/C words, Ignored Words with numbers?
TAB: Short symbol (e.g. .), Long symbol (e.g. -), Sprung symbols
TAB: Minimum word count for alliteration, Minimum syllable count for assonance, Minimum syllable count for consonance
TAB: Auto Correct?, Force all l/c?, Correct two capitals?, Capital first letter of sentence?, Capitals as dictionary style specifies?, Smart quotes for straight quotes?, *Bold*?, _italic_?
TAB: Automatic Word Selection?, Default settings for colour blind


User can only read. Advanced user can edit.

TAB: Table: phoneme, example, pos sound file. Editable by admins (add, delete, change example, change sound file)
TAB: Liaison: simple table: phoneme phoneme (Add, delete), example. Locale applies?

poem properties

TAB 1: Application used + version
TAB 2: List of date/time events
TAB 3: Existing signatures + conditions/CC Licence. Sign button goes to signature window.
TAB 4: copyright details (years, who)

poet info

Edit corresponding data fields.
Can have multiple poets.


Print plain poem or sequence (with or without inflection),
Print window content.

print preview

Standard stuff.


Pattern component range (e.g. de daa, sprung, etc.)



Select signature. Option to load private signature + cert chain. Support at least Thawte & CA Cert.
Select licence + conditions.
R U sure?


For unrecognised words
List alternatives for selection (are there APIs for this?)
Permit extension to dictionary … which goes to dictionary window for uers to provide additional information.
Link to locale window to change locale.


Options in style select dialogue.

Bar Between Words?
Box behind words (rectangular, oval, diamond, rise, descend) (full, fade in, fade out)
Line (under, over, strike through) (all: /\/\/\, //////, \\\\\\, ||||||, -+-+-+-) (over: bar) (not under: double bar, dot, dash dot, dash dot dot)
Margin: bar, text?
User can show or hide any or all analysis results, can make hot dependent on key strokes, can select appearance. Hue for particular connection, intensity for connection distance, thickness for value.

word connections

Displays and manipulates word connection: synonym, antonym, homonym, hyponym, hypernym, meronymy, holonymy, euphemism + rhyme, pararhyme, alliteration.

Methods of displaying connection

1. Table columns: word, definition, connection type & intensity, connected word, locale, phonetics. Filter on connection type and/or locale. Sorted by word, connection type or word, locale, c/type. Option to display/hide locale, phonetics.
2. Semantic diagram: word definition of interest in centre, connected words surround; lines between can select any, many or all types of semantic connections. Line colour indicates connection type. Line decoration indicates other non–displayed connection.
3. Sound diagram: word of interest in centre: connected words surround lines between can select any, many or all types of rhyme, pararhyme, alliteration connections. Can select strength of rhyme/pararhyme/alliteration (syllable count?). Line colour indicates connection type.


Change display (table, diagram)
Go to dictionary entry
Go to definition
Hear (erm…)
add connection
remove connection

Other context options

All edit menu
All file menu

Add Connection Wizard

1. Select start word (clicked word if pos)
2. Connection type (permit multiple selections?)
3. Connected word (if another word was selected, default to that)