28 Added fear & photography, and wrecked (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), (vii) & (viii).
26 Added way to work B (iii).
15 Minor edits to my CVs.
14 Edited ciao takeshi kovacs. Added the last batch of presets, namely graffiti styles, interpolator fills, litho ideas, more styles, movie efx ideas, movieproc, movie proc use layers, paint regionise, paint styles, soft watercolour, some fun ideas, tex synth effx, abstractions, bw effects, canvas processors, cartoon, distress, examples, movie process examples, movie processing, paint, paint anim morph ex, paint demos from 1.5, paint effects, src processing, stylised, torture test, use layers, vector efx and woodblock, to reflets, and said so in final feast. Reworked front & the trail, to make them look a little less ugly.
13 Added and edited ciao takeshi kovacs.
9 Added preset feast 4, and chuck, dave’s msg paseq, dave’s outline, dharma pas volume 4, directional lighting, donna’s paseq, jdn paseq for hg, jdn paseq presets, jdn sketching, vern pas 2, vern pas 8, victor’s tutorial & victrolux to reflets.
8 Added el capitan fail.
7 I’ve updated the arts & ego licence to the current Creative Commons Attribution—Non–Commercial—Share Alike 4.0 International Public Licence, and said so in a blog entry.
6 Edited preset feast 3. Added bw outline, bw sketch examples, cartoon, colbert sketch examples, cool stuff, multilayer examples, outlines & sym break exp to reflets.
5 Added preset feast 3, along with regionise ideas, sketch ipop examples, sketch renditions, stylistik, temporal, text render, textured surface simulations, vector, vector colour, vectoriser & video feedback to reflets.
1 Added paint in and pantograph etching to reflets.