31 Always more angst cycle (iii).
30 It still doesn’t stop. Since the start of big town blues, i’ve written far too much crap, without having time to go back and sort the poems out.
27 A new project. Everyday, almost, more angst cycle (iii).
23 More angst cycle (iii).
22 Created product pages for antwerp, europe, flock state, the smoke, and others.
21 Split angst cycle (iii) fully into its components and rewrote the poem’s introduction again.
20 A tannoy. Many many more angst cycle (iii) over the last month or so.
14 Added an online will. I realise this has no legal force per se, but it does show what I want to happen.
8 Edited big town blues (i) :: bikini hotel.
5 First drafts of sinjoren & la ville–lumière.
4 First draft of the smoke.
3 Added edqar quinet. Edited macport :: (i), (ii) & (iii). Edited front to show recent updates.
2 Added 3I4, 3I5, macport :: (i), (ii), (iii) & (iv).